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Fragrance Collection

Mandarin and Sandalwood
Coastal Wood
Ruby Red Grapefruit
White Flowers
Rosa and Oud
Bay Tree and Blackberry
Peony Bloom
Vetiver Grove


Mandarin and Sandalwood Classic Candle
Coastal Wood Classic Candle
White Flowers Classic Candle
Ruby Red Grapefruit Classic Candle
Rosa and Oud Classic Candle
Bay Tree and Blackberry Classic Candle
Peony Bloom Classic Candle
Vetiver Grove Classic Candle

Mandarin and Sandalwood Travel Candle
Coastal Wood Travel Candle 
Ruby Red Grapefruit Travel Candle
White Flowers Travel Candle 
Rosa and Oud Travel Candle
Bay Tree and Blackberry Travel Candle
Peony Bloom Travel Candle
Vetiver Grove Travel Candle

Mandarin and Sandalwood Reed Diffuser
Coastal Wood Reed Diffuser
Ruby Red Grapefruit Reed Diffuser
White Flowers Reed Diffuser

Rosa and Oud Reed Diffuser
Bay Tree and Blackberry Reed Diffuser
Peony Bloom Reed Diffuser
Vetiver Grove Reed Diffuser

Mandarin and Sandalwood Wax Melt
Coastal Wood Wax Melt
Ruby Red Grapefruit Wax Melt
White Flowers Wax Melt

Rosa and Oud Wax Melt
Bay Tree and Blackberry Wax Melt
Peony Bloom Wax Melt
Vetiver Grove Wax Melt

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