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Article: Why an OLOR Candle is the perfect addition to your home

Why an OLOR Candle is the perfect addition to your home

Why an OLOR Candle is the perfect addition to your home

Hi There! 

I’m Louise, a busy working mum with two gorgeous children and a cavapoo called Honey.  Along with my partner Jonathan I created OLOR so I could share with you my love of nature and fragrance, often inspired by the places we love and visit as a family.  We designed or products and packaging so that they stand out in a creative, colourful, and design led way. We both have a huge passion for design, the overall look of our products has been a very important part when creating our brand. 

At OLOR, we believe that candles are a super-power.  Even when everything else in life is ultra-chaotic, there’s nothing more restorative than collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day, with a much-deserved glass of wine, and one of my beautiful OLOR scented candles.  

Take for example our White Flowers fragrance.  When it’s raining outside in the supposed-British-summer, I can strike a match and within seconds, I’m transported to a Mediterranean market with stalls filled with delicious juicy oranges, and pots of basil spilling out over the sun-baked pavements.  The neroli undertones remind me of the delicate white blossom of the bitter orange trees that grow in places like Seville, and it just takes me back to the beautiful experiences we’ve had in these kinds of places.  

As you’ve probably gathered, I find fragrance especially powerful. To me, beautifully scented candles are a little slice of affordable luxury.  As soon as I take an Olor candle from its box, I can escape the more humdrum elements of life, savour memories, and even make precious new ones.  Last night, we lit the Mandarin + Sandalwood candle, dimmed the lights, and it was as though the night took on a whole new quality.  We opened-up, shared our dreams for the future, all while appreciating the joy of the present moment. 

The power of fragrance cannot be understated. Though my home is my little haven of tranquillity, there are some days when I crave the fresh air of the coast, but with a busy work schedule, it’s often impossible to truly escape.  I also need energising, but find that sleep can be difficult when balancing a career with a young family (and dog).  That’s when I light my Coastal Wood candle, fill the bath, and climb in.  I close my eyes and imagine the feeling of sand beneath my feet, listen to the swell of the ocean, and softly drift away, soothed by the sea breeze minerals.   After 15 minutes, I get out of the bath refreshed and ready to face the world again.  There’s nothing quite like a blend of sage and bergamot to re-balance you. 

Home fragrance is key to creating the vibe of my home. Over the years, I’ve bought so many scented candles, diffusers and room sprays always on the hunt to find ‘the one’.  But more often than not, I’ve found them to be overly cloying, burned for an evening and then not quite what I’m looking for. I literally spent a fortune on the hunt for home fragrance.  Luckily, this frustration led to OLOR being born.  

The essential oils and fragrance oils used in the candles’ production are premium quality and have been meticulously blended to create the finest fragrances.  We recommend that you always burn our candles for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours, as this really optimises the intensity of the fragrance, and with OLOR, we find that the scent subtly lingers even when the candle has been long extinguished.    

But OLOR is not only about fragrance, it’s also about our other passions: art and design.  I’m a self-confessed interiors freak, and I just love spending time in my home, working on different projects.  I try and create a sanctuary for me and my family, but I also love to combine different elements of design to create my signature style.  For example, I love a bit of mid-century furniture, mixed with some more exotic pieces such as rugs and throws from our travels, but I also love a calm and contemporary feel to the house.  My bed is made with white linen and I always have a vase on my dressing table, filled with white roses, or fresh garden cuttings in the summer.  As OLOR candles are hand-poured into simple glass jars, their understated design complements my home aesthetic perfectly.  I can place them in any room, knowing that their simplicity will be a subtle but present feature.    

Though travel may be limited at the moment, I have found my journey with OLOR to be an incredibly fulfilling experience.  Creating a range of beautiful fragrances has been just the tonic, helping me to escape when the world around me was in freefall.  It’s been such an incredible privilege to create a home fragrance range based on our experiences as a family, and I just hope that I can continue to share them with you and yours.  


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