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Floral Scented Candles

Fall in love with our collection of floral scented candles. Imagine freshly cut flowers with notes of white lavender, dusk pink roses, neroli and peony blooms each one creating a sudden mood of calmness. 

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Peony Bloom Classic CandlePeony Bloom Classic Candle
Peony Bloom Classic Candle
Sale price£32.00
White Flowers Classic CandleWhite Flowers Classic Candle
White Flowers Classic Candle
Sale price£32.00
Rosa + Oud Classic CandleRosa + Oud Classic Candle
Rosa + Oud Classic Candle
Sale price£32.00
English Orchard Classic CandleEnglish Orchard Classic Candle
English Orchard Classic Candle
Sale price£32.00
Mandarin + Sandalwood Classic CandleMandarin + Sandalwood Classic Candle
Mandarin + Sandalwood Classic Candle
Sale price£32.00
OLOR White Flowers Luxury Scented Candle Home Fragrance OLOR White Flowers Luxury Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance
White Flowers Travel Candle
Sale price£12.00
Peony Bloom Travel CandlePeony Bloom Travel Candle
Peony Bloom Travel Candle
Sale price£12.00
Rosa + Oud Travel CandleRosa + Oud Travel Candle
Rosa + Oud Travel Candle
Sale price£12.00
English Orchard Travel CandleEnglish Orchard Travel Candle
English Orchard Travel Candle
Sale price£12.00
Mandarin + Sandalwood Travel CandleMandarin + Sandalwood Travel Candle
Mandarin + Sandalwood Travel Candle
Sale price£12.00