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Reed Diffusers

Indulge in the beautifully scented OLOR Reed Diffuser collection, all expertly hand crafted in the UK to fill your home with continuous extraordinary scents.
With variety of luxury fragrances to choose from including notes of mid summer peony blossom, the fresh floral scent of white flowers to an intense woody accord of vetiver there’s fragrance to suit a wide range of homes and work spaces.
Our Reed Diffusers come presented a design led clear glass bottle paired with 5 extra thick black fibre reeds completing the modern, minimalistic and sleek look.
Our Eco-friendly diffuser is made from a renewable source, non toxic and has a low carbon footprint.

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Mandarin + Sandalwood DiffuserOLOR Mandarin + Sandalwood  Luxury Reed Diffuser
Mandarin + Sandalwood Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
White Flowers DiffuserOLOR White Flowers Luxury Reed Diffuser
White Flowers Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Coastal Wood DiffuserOLOR Costal Wood Luxury Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance
Coastal Wood Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Ruby Red Grapefruit DiffuserOLOR Ruby Red Grapefruit Luxury Reed Diffuser
Ruby Red Grapefruit Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Rosa + Oud DiffuserOLOR Rosa  + Oud Luxury Reed Diffuser
Rosa + Oud Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Peony Bloom DiffuserOLOR Peony Bloom  Luxury Reed Diffuser
Peony Bloom Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Vetiver Grove DiffuserOLOR Vetiver Grove Luxury Reed Diffuser
Vetiver Grove Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Bay Tree + Blackberry DiffuserOLOR Bay Tree + Blackberry Luxury Reed Diffuser
Bay Tree + Blackberry Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Wild Mint Tea DiffuserWild Mint Tea Diffuser
Wild Mint Tea Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
English Orchard DiffuserEnglish Orchard Diffuser
English Orchard Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Black Pepper + Cedarwood DiffuserBlack Pepper + Cedarwood Diffuser
Black Pepper + Cedarwood Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Smoked Leather DiffuserSmoked Leather Diffuser
Smoked Leather Diffuser
Sale price£38.00
Mandarin + Sandalwood Reed Diffuser RefillMandarin + Sandalwood Reed Diffuser Refill
Mandarin + Sandalwood Reed Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Coastal Wood Diffuser RefillCoastal Wood Diffuser Refill
Coastal Wood Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Ruby Red Grapefruit Diffuser RefillRuby Red Grapefruit Diffuser Refill
Ruby Red Grapefruit Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
White Flowers Diffuser RefillWhite Flowers Diffuser Refill
White Flowers Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Rosa + Oud Diffuser RefillRosa + Oud Diffuser Refill
Rosa + Oud Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Bay Tree + Blackberry Diffuser RefillBay Tree + Blackberry Diffuser Refill
Bay Tree + Blackberry Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Peony Bloom Diffuser RefillPeony Bloom Diffuser Refill
Peony Bloom Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Vetiver Grove Diffuser RefillVetiver Grove Diffuser Refill
Vetiver Grove Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Black Pepper + Cedarwood Diffuser RefillBlack Pepper + Cedarwood Diffuser Refill
Black Pepper + Cedarwood Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
English Orchard Diffuser RefillEnglish Orchard Diffuser Refill
English Orchard Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Smoked Leather Diffuser RefillSmoked Leather Diffuser Refill
Smoked Leather Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Wild Mint Tea Diffuser RefillWild Mint Tea Diffuser Refill
Wild Mint Tea Diffuser Refill
Sale price£26.00
Replacement Thick Fiber Reeds
Replacement Thick Fiber Reeds
Sale price£5.00