Back in 2019 we visited the beautiful city of Barcelona, after a very early flight we arrived exhausted. It was late afternoon and the sun was going down, the air was calm and warm. We arrived at our hotel, I noticed as we walked through the passage to get to the entrance there was an outside florist selling the most beautiful fragrant flowers I had ever seen. As we approached the hotel reception there it was all around us that scent. It was everywhere from the entrance, the stairs, the hallway to our room, the woody yet uplifting scent gave you a feeling of contentment. It was just what we needed after a long tiring day. It was beautiful. As we explored the city, everywhere we went the place was full of invigorating scents. Right there I knew we had to bring this scent back to life at home.... and so that's where Olor began.

Why Olor? The language mainly used in Barcelona is catalan, Olor in Catalan means Scent and that's how we decided on our name.