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Coastal Wood 
Discover a warm sophisticated blend of sage, grapefruit and bergamot with a hint of tangerine, followed by the hearty freshness of sea breeze minerals, finishing with a base of amber, musk and cedarwood.

White Flowers
Relax with the fresh floral scent of white flowers to establish a mood of calmness blended with notes of Sicilian lemon, basil and neroli combined with a heart of amber.

Mandarin + Sandalwood 
Evoke the senses with invigorating top notes of mandarin, pink pepper and cardamon followed by a sensual heart of coriander leaf, white freesia and sandalwood sat on a velvety base of the cocoa bean.

Ruby Red Grapefruit
Enjoy the invigorating blend of ruby red grapefruit, lemon and mandarin with notes of jasmine, resting on a woody heart of patchouli and vetiver.

Rosa + Oud
Discover the seductive blend of velveteen dusk-pink rose petals combined with notes of oud. The woodiness is perfectly balanced with notes of geranium, jasmine, clove and praline with a hint of raspberry and lemon leaf.

Bay Tree + Blackberry
Enjoy the fresh floral top notes of ripened blackberries and freshly grated nutmeg combined with Sicilian lemons and green bay leaf. Resting on woody base of sandalwood and amber creating a musky, luxurious fragrance.

Peony Bloom
Evoke the heady feeling of mid-summer, with top floral notes of peony blossom, juicy red apples, rose, gillyflower and jasmine. Leading to a base of patchouli, honey and amber creating a luxurious fragrance of freshly cut flowers. 

Vetiver Grove
Experience a dark and sophisticated fragrance, with top notes of basil, cypress and chamomile. Infused with the freshness of bergamot, grapefruit and lemons, resting on an intense wood accord of patchouli, vetiver and cedarwood.

Wild Mint Tea
Feel uplifted with the luxurious fusion of freshly picked wild mint combined with green tea, clove and ginger follow by invigorating notes of spearmint and lemon resting on the delicate scent of jasmine.

English Orchard
Enjoy the fresh and fruity top notes of apple and pear combined with lemon and mandarin supported by a heart of freesia, waterlily and lychee resting on a musk woody base.

Smoked Leather
Experience the rich sensual fragrance of the Catalonian leather tannery fused with top notes of sandalwood and amber combined with tobacco leaf, raspberries and orange flower sat on a dark musky base.

Black Pepper + Cedarwood
Enjoy the energetic and harmonious fragrance packed with top notes of grapefruit, aromatic tea, lemon verbena and crisp black pepper. Resting on a woody base of cedarwood and patchouli enriched by sensual musk.