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About OLOR

We make extraordinary, design led products using only the finest ingredients. We will always bring you a luxury product beautifully packaged in the most sustainable way possible.

Louise and Jonathan 2019 Barcelona

In 2019, we visited the beautiful city of Barcelona. As we first approached our hotel reception, all around us was a beautiful aroma. At the entrance, along the hallway and into our amazing room.... the wonderful woody scent gave an uplifting feeling of contentment, and it became so refreshing to return to after enjoying long and fascinating days of exploring. Indeed, wherever we went, the city was always full of beautiful and invigorating aromas.

It was right there we knew we had to bring these fragrances back to life at home.... and that’s where OLOR began. Scent is what inspired us to create OLOR, so we started at the beginning and studied perfumery. After many years of having a huge passion for candles, perfume and cosmetics this was a dream to fully understand how to build and create a scent.

We then moved onto candle making and have trained with award winning candliers (some of the best candle makers in the industry) Finally after over a year of experimenting we have created the perfect scented candle for you to enjoy in your own home.

The research didn’t stop there, we then continued to create new products such as our Luxury Reed Diffuser and Wax Melts. Each product has been carefully thought out, researched and fully tested so we know our products are of the highest possible standard. We will always continue to evolve with our product lines, and launch new products in relation to what our customers want. We always welcome feedback from both our customers and retailers.

We’ll always continue to research our ingredients and packaging for all our luxury products so that we are able to bring them to you in the most sustainable way we can without compromising on product quality.